Jason DeLeon & Cajun Blend
"Never Too Tired To Dance" LN-1086
1.Never Too Tired To Dance
2. Standing On The Mountain
3.Evangeline Special
4.All The People's Waltz
5.Wandering Aces Special
6.Family Waltz
7.Creole Stomp
8.One Last, Last Chance
9 Crowley Two-Step
10.The Family Portrait
11.Don't Bury Me
12.I Did All I Could
13.Bosco Stomp
14.I Can't Make Myself Understand
15.It's Too Late To Cry

CD $15.98
CD $15.98
Joe Simon & The Louisiana Cajuns
"Music Of The Cajuns For All The People" LN-1087
1. Ossun Two-Step
2. Chere Cherie
3.Saturday Night Waltz
4.Grand Mamou
5.Amadee Two-Step
6.Little People
7.I Went To The Dance Last Night
8.Chere Toot Toot
9.Lake Charles Playboys' Waltz
10.Think Of Me
12. Balfa Waltz
13.When I Was Poor
14.Anniversary Waltz
15. 99 Year Waltz

Members Only Band   "Keeping It Simple" LN-1088
CD $15.98
1.Third Rate Romance
2.Take My Hand
3.Wild Country Livin'
4.Sing Me Back Home
5.3 AM
6.Too Much To Lose
7.A Tribute To Alabama
8.Got You On My Mind
9.New Orleans Ladies
10.God Bless The USA

CD $15.98
Cajun Music Greatest Hits "From The New Beginning"   Various Artists  LN-1089
1. Mardi Gras Song (Howard Noel, Jr. & Cajun Boogie)
2. Church Point Waltz (Jean Murphy)
3. Andrew Cormier Special (The Cajun Cousins)
4.The Way You Left Me (Royce Naquin & Gordy Wright)
5.Bayou Chene Two-Step (Louisiana Cajun Aces)
6. Who Holds You Close (Hicks Wagon Wheel Ramblers)
7. In The Good Old Days (The Cajun Cousins)
8.Till The End Of Time (Royce Naquin)
9. Ossun Two-Step (The Louisiana Cajuns)
10 Never Too Tired To Dance (Cajun Blend)
11. Arnaudville Waltz (Howard Noel, Jr. & Cajun Boogie)
12. Dream Of An Image (The Louisiana Cajuns)
13. Every Day Of Our Life (The Cajun Ramblers)
14. Don't Play With The Heart That Loves You (The Cajun Cousins)
15. Broken Heart Waltz ( Louisiana Cajun Aces)
16. Borrowed Love (The Cajun Cousins)

Howard Noel, Jr. & Cajun Boogie  "The Ring On Her Pillow" LN-1090
1.The Ring On Her Pillow
2.Tolan Two-Step
3.The Hand Of A Friend
4.Paul Daigle On The Jukebox
5.I'll Change My Style
6.Like A Cajun
7.For The Rest Of Your Life
8.The Ring That Shines
9.I'm Just In Your Way
10.Cankton Waltz
11.Perrodin Two-Step
12.The Last Waltz
13.Cajun Boogie Special

CD $15.98
CD $15.98
1.Triangle Special
2.Kaplan Waltz 
3.Till The Sun Comes Up
4. Who Holds You Close
5.Pickup Truck
6.No One To Take CareOf Me
7.Promise I Made
8.Mathilda Medley
9.In The Barn
10.My Friend's Whiskey
11.Little Girls Of The Coulee
12.Louisiana Ramblers Waltz
13.Take Care Of My Children
14 Old Fashion Waltz
15.Shamrock Special
16. Bayou Teche

Ed Gary\Aldes Broussard & The Louisiana Cajun aces "From The Heart" LN-1091
CD $15.98
the Good Feelin' band "LONG OVERDUE" LN-1092
1.Jukebox Song
2.C'est La Vie
3.I'll Change My Style
5.All These Things
6. josephine
7.My Girl
8.Soul Man
9.Too Good To Be True
10.But It's Alright
CD $15.98
CD $15.98
Joe Simon & The Louisiana Cajuns LN-1093
                  "Pure Cajun Music"

1.Old Time Two Step
2.Calcasieu Waltz
3. Let's Dance
4.Cherokee Waltz
5.The Flames Of Hell
6. Hold Me Close
7. I Went To The Dance
8.Mermentau Waltz
9.Mamou Two Step
10.People's Waltz
11.You're Gonna Make Me Die
12.Pretty Blue Eyes
13.Prison Waltz
14.You'll Never Break My Heart
15. Sweetheart Of The Village
Damon Lejeune & Cajun Spice LN-1094
                "Memories Of Damon"
1. Memories In My Heart
2. Grand Mamou/Big Mamou
3. Chere Alice
4. Cajun From Church Point
5.Jolie Blonde
6. The Flames of Hell
7.I'll Be Lonely
8.Old Fashion Two Step
9.Under The Live Oak Tree
10. 73 Special
11. Black Bayou Special
1. Petite A La Grosse
2.Who's holding You Close
3.Sugar Coated Love
4.Fools Must Cry
6.The Little Girl Next Door
7.Juke Box Songs
8.Just Because
9.Allons Danser
10.Mermentau Waltz
11.I Cried
12.Try Me
13.The Donkey Song
14.Shed So Many Tears
15.CC Rider

CD $15.98
Howard Noel, Jr. & Cajun Boogie
Shades Of The Past LN-1096
CD $15.98
1. Acadian Two Step
2. Fools Waltz
3. Its All Over
4. Uncle Eddie
5. Kaplan Waltz
7. Pretty Sweet Eyes 
8. The Key To The Prison
9. Stop Running Around In My Shoes
10. Scott Playboy Special
11. Playboys' Waltz/ Two Step
12. Joe Pete
13. Driving Nails In My Coffin
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Doug Murry
                          Todd Murry (9-29-62 / 3-4-10)
1. Lacassine Special
2. Another Lonely Night
3. World In A Jug
4. I'll Never Let You Go
5. In The Coulee
6. Little Black Eyes
7. Clif Ate The Pie
8. Norma Jean
9. Tee Na Na
10. Beans Not Salted
CD $15.98
             Cajun August & Friends   
                "Friends"    LN-1098
CD $15.98
Ed Gary & The Louisiana Cajun Aces "20 YEAR REUNION... Dancing At Stonehill Winery   (LN-1100)
1. No Salt In The Beans
2. Jolie Blonde
3. Amadee Two Step\Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
4. Criminal Waltz
5. Bayou Noir
6. I'd Like To Know
7. Millionaire Waltz
8. Life I Thought I Wanted
9. My Wedding Ring For A Souvenir
10. Triangle Club Special
11. Reno Waltz
12. I'm Waiting For You
13. Waltz Of No Return
14. Wild Side Of Life
15. Johnny Can't Dance
16. Second Line
17. Road Of Broken Hearts
18. The Parting Waltz
19. Same Old Places
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Ricky Dodd, Irby Leger & Simply Cajun (Plus Some!)
              "Some Of Dat & Some Of Dis" LN-1095
Ed Gary/Aldes Broussard & The Louisiana Cajun Aces "C'est La Vie" (That's Life) LN-1085
1.Saturday Night Special
2.Chere Toute Toute
3.Wafus Two-Step
4.Broken Heart Waltz
5.Ossun Two-Step
6.Saturday Night Waltz
7.Let's Go To Lafayette
8.Anniversary Waltz
9.Lance O Pie
10.Welcome Club Waltz
11.Cajun From Church Point
12.If You Were Me And I Were You
13.It's Not Love
14.Bayou Chene Two-Step

CD $15.98
Jackie Caillier & The Cajun Cousins
"Lets Kick Up The Dust"  LN-1084
1.The Stars Will Shine Tonight
2.In The Good Old Days
3.Don't Play With The Heart That Loves You
4.If I Could Do What I Used To Do
5.Nothing New
6.Do Me
7.A Lonesome Night
8.Paper In My Shoe
9 Mom, I'm Still Your Little Boy
10.The Road Of Life
11Step It Fast
12.Little Black Eyes
13.Pine Grove Blues
14.The Lonely Girls Waltz
15.BO Sparkle Waltz
16.Wandering Aces Special

CD $15.98
Cajun Mardi Gras
1.Cajun Mardi Gras Song \Howard Noel Jr & Cajun Boogie
2. New Orleans Style Mardi Gras Ed Gary & La Cajun Aces
CD $10.00
Rachel Wilson & Cajun Express
Riding The Rails  (LN-1104)
CD $15.98
1. Open That Door
2. What Changed Your Heart
3. Drunkard's Blues
4. Widower's Wish
5. Our Broken Life
6. Drunkard's Dream
7. Your Little Short Dress
8. The Old Man On The Side Of The Road
9. I Went To The Dance
10. One More Chance
11. Pretty Girl
12. The Keys To The Prison
13. Driving Nails In My Coffin
14. The Old Black Pot
15. When I Was Poor

Pat Thibodeaux (1950-2013)
    Accordion \ Vocals
1. Ole Noah
2. Draw Us In
3. Christ For Crisis
4. Do You Know
5. Call OnYour Name
6. I Hold The Anchor
7. What InThe Word?
8. On That Day
                  Jerry Thomas
Songs From The Flood Until The Return
                (Country Gospel)
CD $15.00
Ed Gary/Terry Cormier & The Country Cajun Aces "Road Back To San Antonio---30 Years"
1.Hicks Wagon Wheel Special
2.Jolie Blonde
3.I Made Up My Mind
4.Musicians Paradise
5.My Affection
6.Little Liza Jane
7. Drunkard's Dream
8. Big Or Little
9.I'll Take The Blame
10. A Baby Again
11.KLFY Waltz
12.The Flames Of Hell
14.Big Texas
15.Amede Two-Step

CD $15.98
Royce Naquin/Gordy Wright "Country From The Heart~~Cajun From The Soul" LN-1082
1. Alone And Broken Hearted
2.Baby I'm Leaving
3. Forever In My Heart
4.His Everlasting Grace
5. Hobo's Hall Of Fame
6.The Way You Left Me
7. Life Is Lonesome
8.Rose For Mama
9. Rubbin' Your Lovin' Too Thin
10.Thinkin' About Me
11.Till The End Of Time (Cajun French)
12. Knowing I've Been Loved
13.Till The End Of Time (English)

CD $15.98
Calcasieu Cajun Band "Cajuns On The                                            Geaux"LN-1083
1.See You Later Alligator
2.The Acadian Two-Step
3.Grand Mamou
4.La Misere du Couyon
5. People's Waltz
6.La Vie Marriage
7.The Back Door Rap
8.La Valse de Meche
9.Trahan's Rag Top
10. Good Time Pierre
11.It Keeps Raining
12.Mardi Gras Party

CD $15.98
Jackie Caillier And The Cajun Cousins
"Going Out Two Stepping" LN-1074
1.Borrowed Love
2.Open The Door
3.Standing On The Mountain
4.Shamrock Two-Step
5.Carencro On My Mind
6.Andrew Cormier Special
7.It Won't Be So Easy
8. Whiskey Is A Friend Of Mine
9.Heritage Waltz
10.Dinga Ding Ding Dong
11.Since You're Gone
12.French Blues
13.I'll Quit Making A Fool Of Myself
14. Promise I Made
15.La Acadian Two-Step

CD $15.98
CD $15.98
Howard Noel, Jr. And Cajun Boogie
"Still A Cajun At Heart" LN-1077
1.Nobody Loves Me
2.Opelousas Two-Step
3.Arnaudville Waltz
4.Mom, She'll Never Replace You
5.The Crowley Two-Step
6.I'd Like To Pardon You
7.You'll Never Break My Heart
8.Step It Fast
9.The Tears In My Eyes
10.Madame Sostan
11.Don't Tickle Me
12.The Briar Patch
13.Big City

Shawn P. Saucier & Calcasieu Cajuns
"Calcasieu Cajun Style" LN-1078
CD $15.98
1.Waltz Of My Memories
2.Chere Toute Toute
3.Flames Of Hell
4.Will Kegley Waltz
5.Jolie Blonde
6.Chlothilde's Two-Step
7.I Passed In Front Of Your Door
9.Shawn's Sauce Picquante Two-Step
10.Saturday Night Waltz
11No Good Woman
12.Achy Breaky Heart
13.Pine Grove Blues
14.I'm Not Lonesome Anymore
15.Mardi Gras Song
16.Love My Zydeco
17.Amazing Grace

Jesse Domingue- "One Rose" LN-1079
1.One Rose
2.Talkin' Trash
3.Every Night
4.Bo Weevil
5.Our Love's Just Another Bridge To Burn
6. I'm Just Your Friend
7.Boogie Woogie Country Girl
8. Let's Turn Back The Years
9.I'll Sail My Ship Alone
10.Time To Say I Love You
11.All Mixed Up

CD $15.98
CD $15.98
Ed Gary/Aldes Broussard And The Louisiana Cajun Aces "Old Time Cajun Songs" LN-1080
1. A Lonesome Night
2. The Love Waltz
3. 73 Special
4.Grand Prairie Waltz
5.Every Night
6. World In The Jug
7.Heartbroken Waltz
8. Blue Eyes/Fraulein
9.Chataignier Waltz
10. Prison Waltz
11.Lafayette Playboys Two-Step
12. Now You Want Me Back
13.Tracks Of My Buggy
14.The Back Door

Jean Murphy "On The Banks Of The Bayou"                                LN-1075
1. On The Banks Of The Bayou
2. Mardi Gras Song
3. Church Point Waltz
4. Lemonade Song
5. Musicians Paradise
6. Trotting To Mamou
7. Mermentau Waltz
8. In The Pines
9. Tolan's Waltz
10. Sweet Christine
11. The Bells Are Ringing
12. Old Rugged Cross
13. Hail Mary
14. Silent Night
CD $15.98
Ed Gary And The Louisiana Cajun Aces
             "True Cajun" LN-1069
Blackie Fruge--William Labouve And The Hicks Wagon Wheel Ramblers "Ramblin' Back In Time" LN-1071

1.What Will I Do 
2.Grand Nite
3.Jolly Rogers
4.Catahoula Special
5.Cajun Waltz
6.Vern's Two Step 
7.Tolans' Waltz 
8.Young Gentlemen
9.Too Young To Marry 
10.Chere Cherie
11.Together Again 
12.Papa George 
13.I LoveYou
14.Last Waltz
15.Cajun Melody

1.Who Holds You Close
2.Thank God It's Friday
3.Cajun Paradise Waltz
4.Heartbreak Two-Step
5.I'm Not To Blame
6.Just A Dream
7.A Big Mistake
8.Cherokee Waltz
9.I'll Be Lonely
10. Family Two-Step
11.Think Of Me
12.Condemned For Life
13.I Passed In Front Of Your Door

Joe Simon And The Louisiana Cajuns
         "Just An Image" LN-1072
1.Dream Of An Image
2.My Heart Is Broken
3.Think Of Me
4.Open That Door
5.I'm Lonesome For You
6.Crowley Two-Step
7.In Misery
8.The Waltz Of The Lover
9.Everybody's Waltz
10.Cajun From Church Point
11.The Gravel Road
12.Musician's Dream
13.Saturday Night Waltz
14.Bayou Pon Pon
15.You Can Blame Yourself

CD $15.98
CD $15.98
CD $15.98
Carroll Benoit "Memories Of My Grandmother"
1. I Can't Open The Door Without The Key
2. Sweet Darling
3.The Girl Of The Town
4. In Louisiana
5.The Necktie
6. Stir The Cush Cush
7.Don't Let Go Of The Potato
8.I Left My Heart At Home
9. Diggy Liggy Lo
10.I Passed In Front Of Your Door

CD $15.98
Mitch Landry And The Cajun Ramblers
"Not Too Fast And Not Too Slow"
1. Not Too Fast And Not Too Slow
2. I'm Condemned To Love You
3. Every Day Of Our Life
4. Dance My Chere Cherie
5. I Searched For A Pretty Girl
6. Let's Go To Lafayette
7. I'll Never Forget You
8. Baton Rouge Two Step
9. Jo-Lynn
10. What Will I Do
11. Every Saturday Night
12. Jolie Blonde
13. I'm Glad You Chose To Love Me
14. Cajun Baby
CD $15.98
Bill Price "Honoring The Father Of Bluegrass"
CD $15.98
Ivy Dugas With Jackie Caillier and The Cajun Cousins "Blacktop The Gravel Road" LN-1068
1. Blacktop The Gravel Road
2. The Old Man
3. Play That song Again
4. Give Her My Part Of Heaven
5. Give Me Another Shot Of Whiskey
6. Little Short Pants
7. Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Bucket
8. After Loving You
9. Put Your Hand In Mine
10. Falcon Stomp
11. I'll Never Smell The Roses Again
12. Not Enough School
13. Dancing Little Man
14. LA Poussiere Breakdown
CD $15.98
1. Shenandoah Valley Breakdown (Intro)
2. Honoring The Father Of Bluegrass
3. Bluegrass Hill
4. The Moon Shine Tonight On North Carolina
5. Pretty Polly
6. Thinking Tonight Of My Brown Eyes
7. Clara's Pecan Grove
8. Two Men A Walking
9. Mary Darling
10. Boil Them Cabbage Down
11. Yard Dog
12. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
13. My Best Years
14. Our Christmas Tree
15. Let Me Rest
16. Sing Rock Of Ages
17. Shake Hands With Mother Again
18. Shenandoah Valley Breakdown (Conclusion)
Thomas Fields And His Foot Stompin' Zydeco Band " Louisiana Is The Place To See" LN-1065
1. Louisiana Is The Place To See
2. Bye Bye Mae Leeze
3. Bald Headed Men
4. No Name Blues
5. My Baby Likes To Dog
6. Spotted Pants
7. Jean Pierre
8. Hey Gracie
9. Annie Mae
10. Damn Bumble Bees
11. Hey Boozoo
12. I Forgive You
13. The Stomp
CD $15.98
Patrick Henry & The Liberation Band
                  "The Train" LN-1062
1. You Got Me Hot
2. Whammy On Me
3. I Could Make It Better
4. Memory Blues
5. A Woman Was Made To Be Loved
6. Behind Our Closed Doors
7. Sweet Thing
8. Do You Love Me
9. The Train (People Get Ready)
10. Something About You
11. Do You Need A Little Excitement
12. Free Me
CD $15.98
The Boss Cajuns "Louisiana Gumbo"
1. Louisiana Gumbo
2. Waltzing With A Broken Heart
3. Flames Of Hell
4. The Bottle
5. Evangeline Special
6. Zydeco et Pas Sale
7. Te Yeux Noir
8. Millionaire Waltz
9. Hick's Wagon Wheel
10. Reno Waltz
CD $15.98
Royce Naquin & Yvonne Smith " A Day On                       The Bayou" LN-1060
1. A Day On The Bayou
2. Dear Little Blonde
3. A Rose For Mama
4. You Walk With Me
5. One Day You'll Have Regrets
6. It Was You
7. Antoine's Oak Tree
8. A Broken Promise
9. Our House In Heaven
10. I L:ove You Still
11. Forgive Me Please
12. Bayou Moon
CD $15.98
Jesse  Belleau and Cajun Melody       " Our Cajun Music" LN-1058
1. I'm Just In Your Way
2. KRVS Special
3. I Miss You Since Your Gone
4. Lost Love Two Step
5. A Bar With Cajun Music
6. Please, Stop Hurting Me
7. Little Blonde-Little Brunette
8. Our Cajun Music
9. Little Girl From Port Arthur
10. Howard Special
11. In Cajun Land
CD $15.98
Includes The Award Winning Song:
"The Gravel Road"

"Lets Have A Cajun Christmas" LN-1049
Ivy Dugas,Vin Bruce,Royce Naquin,Camey Doucet,
Dallas Roy And Donny Broussard.
Liberation Band   Featuring:Patrick Henry
"Deep Rhythm & Soul" LN-1046
Patrick Henry And The Liberation Band
"Come And Get It" LN-1053
CD $15.98
CD $15.98
CD $15.98
CD $15.98
Jackie Caillier And The Cajun Cousins
"Front Porch Cajun Music" LN-1055
1. The Gravel Road
2. Going Out Two-Stepping Tonight
3. Animal Cajun Band
4. Not Knowing What Tomorrow Will Bring
5. Another Hot Potato
6. La Valse De K.L.F.Y.
7. All Of My Tomorrows
9. La Valse De Kaplan
10. Cajun From Church Point
11. Saturday Night Waltz
12. Forefather's Waltz
13. Cajun Cousin Special
14. Caillier Special
J.C. Melancon & the Wild Card Band
"Louisiana Bayou Rock" LN-1054
1. Moonlight Walking
2. Running Through Time
3. Blues On The River
4. Drift Away
5. I'll Believe It When I See It
6. The Way Our Love Should Be
7. Still Be Mine
8. Sitting & Waiting & Wondering About You
9. Trying To Understand
10. Key To The Door
11. Keep On Smiling
CD $15.98
1. Why You Wanna Get Funky
2. My Love
3. U Cheating
4. You Lied On The Dogs
5. I'm Leaving U
6. Love Attack
7. Come And Get It
8. Show Me The Way
9. Loving U
10. Nice An Slow
11. So In Love
12. U Give Me Good Loving
Donald Thibodeaux & Cajun Fever
1. Lacassine Special
2. If I Could Forget
3. I'll Be Lonely
4. Back Of Town Two Step
5. Waltz Of Regret
6. Johnny Can't Dance
7. Tites Yeux Noirs
8. Cher Petit
9. Cypress Inn Special
10. Waltz Of No Return
CD $15.98
The Creole Zydeco Farmers "Zydeco train"                                LN-1050
1. Creole Zydeco Farmers Special
2. Let Me Pass Through Your Window
3. Back Door
4. Loneliness Is Driving Me Out Of My Head
5. Baby, Don't You Cry
6. Valse A Madeline
7. What's Her Name
8. Zydeco Train
9. Boil Crawfish
10. Cher Tete Fomme
CD $15.98
1. That's Why Christmas Is So Lonesome
2. All I Want For Christmas (Is You For A Present)
3. Noel, Noel
4. Christmas Can't Come Too Fast
5. Santa Claus Will Pass Tonight
6. Christmas Lotto
7. Christmas Waltz
8. Christmas At Our House
9. Christmas In Prison
10. Where Will I Go For Christmas Coming
11. All He Wants For Christmas(Is Not To Be Lonesome)
12. I Want Some Tennis Shoes For Christmas
13. Grandma's Christmas
14. Pray For The One's That Have Nothing To Celebrate
15. Christmas On The Prairie
Burton Gaar & The Mud Kats " Still Singing  The Blues" LN-1048
1. Midnight's Coming
2. 99 To Life
3. A Man With Two Women
4. You Know The Rain
5. Mo Money Honey
6. Home Of The Blues
7. Stone Cold Blues
8. I Will Be There
9. Walking On The Truth
10. Still Singing The Blues
11. Hard Money
12. Down On My Luck
CD $15.98
1. No Good, Dirty Woman
2. How Lucky Can I Get
3. L.B. Blues
4. Mama Said (You Gotta Have A Little Rain)
5. Good Loving
6. There'll Be A Day
7. Squeeze 2 Gether
8. Where You Were Last Night
9. What Does It Take
10. Don't Put Me Out
11. So Called Friends
12. People Let's Come Together